The 2020 New Year Quiz
Closing date: 31st January 2020.
Please click on the 'email' link to the left of this panel to submit your entry.

1. Which Banffshire castle lies just east of Whyntie Head?
2. In the early C20th, which Banffshire distillery provided the official malt whisky of the House of Commons?
3. Which Banffshire town incorporates Yardie and Gordonsburgh?
4. By what name was the parish of Ordiquhill formally known?
5. Which of these three Banffshire hills is highest? The Bin of Cullen, The Knock, The Balloch.
6. The border between which pre-Pictish Iron Age tribes ran north/south through Banffshire?
7. Who is the Lord Lieutenant of Banffshire?
8. Fat Hen was grown and eaten widely in Banffshire. What is its correct name and what type of plant is it?
9. Where in Banffshire would you find the Temple of Fame?
10.Which Banffshire Thanage is omitted from this list? Boyne, Enzie, Netherdale, Conveth(Inverkeithney), Mumbre(Montblairy),
11.Which river runs past Tomintoul Distillery?
12.Who founded the planned village of New Keith?
13.From where were the fishermen who founded Findochty reputed to have come?
14.The grounds of which Banffshire castle are the home for a world-famous herd of Aberdeen-Angus cattle?
15.In which Banffshire communities would you find respectively the Wee Hoose and the Muckle Hoose?
16.In which Banffshire church and in what year was the last sermon in Banffshire gaelic preached?
17.Which classical scholar and author of a best selling latin school text book was born in Inverboyndie in 1674?
18. Three hundred years ago farmers in Banffshire grew mashloe. What kind of crop is it?
19.The leader of which infamous and eccentric C18th religious sect was born at Fitmacan near Whitehills where her father was an
20.When the county of Banffshire was first established it was bi-lingual, but predominantly gaelic speaking. What is the gaelic name for

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