The Spirit of Banffshire

The Spirit of Banffshire
by Andrew Simpson & Eleanor Gillespie

The historic county of Banffshire lies on the coast of the Moray Firth, east of the River Spey, and stretches south to the high Cairngorm mountains. Famous for traditional fishing villages dotted along its rugged coastline, the rich lands to the south support thriving communities based on farming, distilling, and forestry. The spectacular landscape lures many tourists to the area. The spirit and identity of Banffshire continues in the hearts and minds of those who live within its old boundaries.

To celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of HM The Queen, The Spirit of Banffshire has been compiled by the Lord-Lieutenant of Banffshire, Andrew Simpson, and Eleanor Gillespie. Her Majesty accompanied by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, first visited the County in 1961. This was the beginning of many Royal visits over the years.

The Lord-Lieutenant's invitation to members of the Banffshire community to record their memories received a massive response. The vivid and lively stories provide a picture of Banffshire and its people over the years.

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